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The Talking Head - $799

No, this isn't a 1950's b-movie. A talking head is a clean cut, professional, and direct style of video.

One person looks directly at the audience and gives a quick speech. We can use a simple white background or your place of business as a backdrop. Add a couple supporting shots of your business or service in action plus professional graphics, and this type video can quickly convey what your business or organization has to offer. They work great as 30 second commercials, Facebook or YouTube ads, or quick website intros.

Getting Social - $1499

One of the biggest advantages of social media is that it's a lightning quick way to communicate with your potential clients and customers. But that speed can come at a price. You have little time and space to get your point across.

This is where video can shine! Video helps you grab attention in social media feeds. We create three 15 to 30 second spots designed for your social media feed. They can each stand alone or they can connect into a running campaign. Either way, you'll be able to quickly grab your follower's attention.

About Us - $2499

Tell your story! This is all about you, your business, and what makes you the right fit for your prospects. We will tell your story in an engaging and enlightening way. The audience will get to know who you are and why they should go with you.

This video is a must-have for the front page of your website, but it can also be used on your social media channels as well! The length of an About Us video varies but typically runs between two to four minutes.

The Whole Enchilada - $3499

Bundle the Talking Head, Getting Social, and About Us packages (a value of over $4800) and save over $1300!

You get five high-quality, engaging, and uniquely branded videos each tailored for the right distribution channel (web, TV, & social media). This is the best way to put your best foot forward with great content over a variety of platforms. Availability is limited so be sure to grab you spot today!

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