Base Rates

Pre-Production - $100/hr.

Can include brainstorming, scripting, storyboarding, casting, scheduling, and anything else needed to get your production off the ground.

Post-Production - $100/Hr.

Can include editing the footage, selecting music, color correction, adding graphics & effects, voice over, and creation & distribution of final video files.

Half-Day Shoot - $750

Camera Operator plus camera, audio, and lighting gear.

Maximum of 4 hours on site. $150/hr. for each additional hour.

Full-day shoot - $1250

Camera Operator plus camera, audio, and lighting gear.

Maximum of 8 hours on site. $150/hr. for each additional hour.


The Talking head - $1250

No, it’s not a b-movie from the 1950’s. A talking head is the simplest type of video that you can effectively deploy. You, an employee, customer, or a spokesperson* talk about your company, product, or service. We add three to four supporting shots of your place of business, product, employees, or customers. The video wraps up with a call-to-action and your logo or contact information.

Package Includes:

  • 1 Hour of Pre-Production

  • Half-Day Shoot

  • 4 Hours of Post-Production with 2-3 rounds of revisions

  • *Spokesperson may incur an additional fee

Oklahoma River Cruises

Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center

Getting social - $2500

Your social media feeds need content! Video is a great way to boost engagement from your followers. We will craft THREE videos for your social media feeds. We can even tailor each video depending on the which social media platform you’re going to share the video on. These videos are flexible in length and content. Each video can stand on its own or you can deploy them as a campaign. Having three videos gives you the chance to mix and match based on your marketing needs.

Package Includes:

  • 2.5 Hours of Pre-Production

  • Full Day Shoot

  • 10 Hours of Post-Production with 2-3 rounds of revisions

The Whole Enchilada - $3750

Here’s your chance to tell your organization’s story or explain your product or service in depth. Typically referred to as ‘About Us’ or ‘Explainer’ videos, these videos are phenomenal at anchoring the home page of your website. You can quickly get a new prospect up to speed on your company or product. Research shows that people can’t resist clicking on videos when they’re researching a company or service. Make sure you’ve got the type of content they’re looking for on the front page of your website or pinned to the top of your social media feeds.

Package Includes:

  • 5 Hours of Pre-Production

  • Full Day Shoot

  • 20 Hours of Post-production with 2-3 rounds of revisions

And as an added BONUS, we’ll create FOUR additional 15 to 60 second videos from the full About Us or Explainer video to maximize the amount of content for your website or social media feeds!

custom Video - $3500+

Oftentimes, the best way to make a great impression with new clients is to tell them a story that relates their problems to your organization’s solution. They can be serious, light-hearted, or humorous. We can help craft a story, bring in actors, and craft visuals that really pop off the screen and get your message to stand out in a sea of advertising.

Other times, you just need to tell a story about you. You just want to give people the chance to get to know you or get excited about what you’re doing without selling anything at all. These type of outreach videos can cover anything from events to special moments in the life of your organization that you want to share. They can even be just to celebrate and acknowledge the work you and your employees are doing!

Custom videos take more planning, time to execute, and resources to realize a given vision or concept, but the results can be stunning. Luckily, we have the experience, knowledge, and the pools of talent to make these types of videos a reality. Get a spark of inspiration from one of the examples below:

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