Ads We Love: Galaxy Defense Force Harlock!

Branded content means giving your audience more than what they bargained for...


Brand: STAR CASE | Director: Jason Ho

Why it's cool?

Tongue-in-cheek sharply executed story and humor. We'd watch a series based on these guys.

Why we love it?

We love it because it dared to be more than just a commercial for an action figure. It took on a life of its own, but still managed to properly represent the brand and the product. This is the essence of 'Branded Content'. Next week, I'll post a blog entry all about branded content. But first...

What can you learn from it?

You can tell bigger stories than just 'this is our product and here's how it fixes your problem.' Especially if you have have an item aimed at disposable income. At the end of the day, you're still addressing your customer's problem (re: what do s/he do with their free time?). The point is, you're looking to gain credit in a potential customer's mind by giving them more value than a standard commercial. In this case, its five minutes of good entertainment that just happened to also sell a toy.

Branded content can be narrative or informational (in a documentary style). Either way, the point of branded content is to provide viewers a positive experience with your brand beyond just selling them something.

Patrick Kirk

No one knows the exact day Patrick Kirk was born, because he was carried into town by a pack of wild coyotes, but the end of March seems to have some consensus built around it. The townsfolk hadn’t much need for a coyote-raised wild boy seein’ as they already had a town idiot. So, they set Patrick off with the next traveling circus that rolled through town. It was there that the young boy learned of books and math and writing and other cultural offerings from Martha, the kindly old bearded lady, and her husband, Harold, the world’s tallest midget. In between shows, he would explore each new town, never having the chance to make friends with children his age, mostly because they didn’t speak coyote… However, it was on one such trek in his later teen years that Patrick happened upon a small cinema playing an engagement of Major League II. From then on, he knew that he must dedicate his life to motion pictures. The members of the circus were sad to see him go, some angry calling cinema ‘beneath them’, but Patrick took his leave and headed off to university to study the filmic arts. Over nearly half a decade of study, Patrick learned from notables such as Fritz Kiersch, director of Children of the Corn, and Gray Fredrickson, producer of the Godfather Trilogy. Patrick has worked locally in the Oklahoma City market as a grip, camera operator, and editor. He has directed a number of short films and commercial projects and aspires to do more. When not in the editing suite or on set, Patrick can be found relaxing at local sporting events or playing a round of golf. He is particularly fond of poker and has been known to frequent the local casinos. Patrick also experiments with cooking and can make a mean batch of tacos. Among things he still would like to accomplish, Patrick hopes to fly to the moon one day and get into an old fashioned pistols at dawn duel; preferably both at the same time.